We are settling into our new lifestyle, meaning eating way too much pate, cheese, croissants and baguettes and having afternoon siestas. I could get used to holidays. La Rochelle is a very beautiful old port and we had a lovely time wandering around enjoying the quaintness of it all yesterday. Today we ventured out in the car for the first time and enjoyed exploring a nearby beach resort, Chateillon Plage. Our days have yet to find a rhythm as they adapt to the new time zone and the extended daylight hours. It's not quite dark at 10.30pm so hard to go to bed for me although Kerry has managed to go to sleep in the daylight. Our home here in La Rochelle is typically french I think with a slightly unkempt cottage garden featuring, with the french windows thrown open to the garden and the cat on the sill it really is very homely. I think I should make myself a cuppa now and have another nibble on the baguette!
It's now Wednesday and we've been back since Friday, but it has taken me this long to get over the business and the jetlag to find the time to write a blog. Merryn and I are up at Noosa at Leanne and John's place to pick up the first of our three dogs. Chloe has had a lovely time up here and has been well cared for by the family.

Back to Mullum today and then down to Ballina to pick up the other two dogs. Mitzie and Maxie have been staying with Chris and Miles and Oscar.

Had my first 9 holes of golf on Sunday. The golf was pretty rusty but my knee was quite good.

Time for breakfast. I'll write some more blogs soon about our time in North Wales and London and the trip home, and I'll put up some more photos and vids.
Just about to walk out the door to the bus stop. Bus to Exeter, train to Birmingham, and then on to Aberdovey (North Wales) by train, and hopefully Dick and Lowri will be there to pick us up.

We've had a lovely time in Devon, sorry to go, but ready to move on.
Just had a beautiful Easter weekend exploring castles & coastline, styles & tors with Elise as a welcome third. The skies have been so blue & the scenery so beautiful. I'm trying hard not to take anymore photos of daffodils!

Not that much of our holiday left now & thought start to turn to home but I'm determined to enjoy every last moment & it's easy to do because we're still having such a nice time.
We went for a ramble today, Kerry's first serious walk in 2 weeks. Blue skies, stunning scenery, daffodils still in full force, a few styles to clamber over, terrorised by wild marauding rams (sort of), following the public footpaths & permissive walkways & Roger & Shirley's subjective directions all made for a most delightful few hours.

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